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  • "I really loved this book. It is chock full of powerful tools, questions, and suggestions on how to grow through just about anything that life throws at you. The Resiliency GPS is brilliant. Who doesn't need a GPS to navigate life's challenges more easily? You'll never feel lost. The best part is that you arrive at your "destination" in a better place than you had imagined. Thank you so much for guiding us Eileen."
    — Lorna Riley, CEO, Chart Learning Solutions
  • "According Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. 'A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.' There is no bouncing back to normal. This is the central theme of Your Resiliency GPS. Eileen McDargh challenges you to embrace the challenges of life and then gives you the GPS (Growth Potential Strategy) to guide you on the journey. Buy this book and start today."
    —Stan Phelps, Founder of 9 INCH marketing, Forbes contributor and Author of Purple Goldfish, Green Goldfish, and Golden Goldfish
  • "Anyone who knows Eileen McDargh knows she is a ray of sunshine in an often cloudy world. As important, her work and ideas have substance and create powerful results. Your Resiliency GPS will provide you with new ideas and tools that we all need to face the challenges of life."
    — Mark Sanborn, Author, The Fred Factor
  • "I randomly opened the book at a number of pages. Each time, I smiled and felt both lighter and stronger at the same time. The quotes, stories and easy to implement action steps in Your Resiliency GPS actually rewired my brain to embrace change. This book isn't momentary motivation; the pages provide longlasting hope and joy."
    — Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, Author of The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs and Outsmart Your Brain
  • "No one who has ever tried to accomplish anything of meaning is a stranger to setback. How we handle these roadblocks life sets in our way depends on our resilience.

    Enter Eileen McDaugh, and her remarkable, inspiring, and incredibly practical new book, Your Resiliency GPS. With apropos quotes and real-life examples on nearly every page, this short work is something you can sink your teeth into, bookmark, and return to again and again.

    I made the mistake of reading GPS in one sitting – I kept meaning to put it down, but then I just wanted one more page, and another, and another. As I read, I wrote in the margins and dog-eared pages that meant something special to me – until, having reached the end, I have a book full of my own ink, with most of the pages turned down for future reference.

    My second time through, I went slowly, as I hope you do. I performed many of the GPS actions myself. I shared the recalculating questions at the end of each brief section with an insightful colleague. And throughout, I thought about the two Resiliency Assessments (one for self, one for organizations), asking their questions of different leaders I work with and different organizations with which I work, or have worked. This is actionable inspiration, after all, not feel good and forget about fluff. It’s meant to make change.

    My favorite insight, shared throughout but first articulated early on, is Eileen’s conviction that resiliency is not about adversity, but advantage. She claims bouncing back is regressive, when what we need is to learn from and grow through the challenges we face.

    My favorite exhortation for today’s leaders is, “Bring the change your competitors dread!” Change isn’t so scary a prospect when you’re the one bringing it. When you find yourself the one facing change, rather than causing it, though, how you think of and handle change makes all the difference in outcome. Resilience isn’t about living through the slings and arrows of life’s sometimes-outrageous fortune. Resilience is about coming through stronger than you ever were before. Or better yet, practice presilience – start your learning and growth well in anticipation of when you’re going to need it!

    Buy this book for yourself. You’ll thank me for the suggestion. Better yet, buy it for your friends. They’ll thank you for the phenomenal practical wisdom you share!"

    — Ted Coine (Boston)
  • "Since I wrote the foreword for Your Resiliency GPS, I obviously love what Eileen has to say. I will add this to what I wrote in that foreword: there are many (many!) books out there filled with feel-good bromides and "you can do it" rah-rah but that don't really tell you just how to go about doing it.

    One of the things that makes this book special is that it is filled with practical strategies for effectively dealing with adversity (and, as Harold Kushner assured us in his book of the title, bad things do indeed happen to good people and will inevitably and eventually happen to you). One of my favorites is keeping a "presilience logbook" (that word is not yet in the dictionary but by the time Eileen is through it will be). Another is having a "turn the page buddy" to help you focus on the future when you get stuck living in the past.

    But beyond just giving you great ideas, the inspiration will help you - to borrow words from the book - stitch your soul when it is wounded. If you are struggling with obstacles and roadblocks this book is a great investment in yourself; if someone you know is struggling this book is about as perfect a gift as they could receive."

    — Joe Tye, "CEO and Head Coach, Values Coach Inc." (Iowa)

    "Remember, this is the fertile void...the threshold to something new. You must hold the space and listen." --Eileen McDargh's sister's advice to her on the second-anniversary of their mom's death.

    AFGO, Eileen called it. Another F*****g Growth Opportunity.

    Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to wait for AFGOs to kick us in the head, and ass, before we finally "got" it?

    That is the masterpiece that Eileen has penned. A simple, user-friendly, intuitive GPS system to guide you through life's growth's moments, (without the need to talk back at the Navigation Lady's gentle voice! "Recalculating. Take the next available u-turn.")

    Eileen has paired helpful life-navigation tips with Growth Positioning Strategies for today's crazy, chaotic and disruptive times. If you want to head-off life's AFGO moments *before* they occur, you must get this book, now!"

    — Bill Jensen "author of Simplicity, Disrupt!" (Morristown, NJ)
  • "Ever wondered what red ants or orange juice has to do with resiliency? Probably not, but you should. Fortunately the answers can be found among the many valuable insights in Eileen McDargh's new book, Your Resiliency GPS. The author successfully reframes the definition of "resiliency" shifting from the old idea of "bouncing back" to the new idea of "growing forward" by applying four skills you can prepare and practice long before they are needed. She calls this "presiliency," supported by questions, activities and exercises to strengthen each of us to grow through the inevitable setbacks, challenges, and changes in our lives. There is a lot of wisdom in the mix of personal stories, research, and practical advice that make up this small book. This is one little book that can make a big difference."
    — Joel A. Marks (Chicago, IL USA)
  • "Present, positive, practical and proactive resiliency role model, renowned public speaker and friend to many, including me, Eileen McDargh offers actionable insights accompanied by pithy and relevant examples in this gem of a book. Here’s just one set, framed around the tenacity reflected in the dramatic rescue of the real life story of the 33 Chilean miners stuck a half mile below ground:

    Lesson 1: Hope relies on possibility not certainty
    Lesson 2. Action is the antidote to anxiety
    Lesson 3. Play to your strengths
    Lesson 4. Laughter lightens loads
    Lesson 5: Faith can move mountains
    Lesson 6: Don’t bounce back. Grow forward

    Be sure to take your Resiliency Assessment, to discern your Resiliency Quotient"

    — Kare Anderson "Kare Anderson" (Sausalito, CA)
  • "I discovered this new book at an important moment for me and it was a delightful surprise. It is so beautifully presented with such special images and layout that it welcomes you in and invites you to turn the page and keep reading and reflecting. It is wise, practical, funny and, besides being a gift you give yourself, it is also one to share with your friends on the journey. In fact, I've been thinking it would be a great tool to use with a partner."
    — By Susan Whittaker (Los Angeles, CA USA)
  • "Eileen is a master at both the spoken and written word. This book guides you through the four resiliency skills that will help you navigate any uncharted course with both grace and optimism. Her recalculating questions will help you through the process and allow you to recharge and think differently. The beauty of Your Resiliency GPS is that it can be of value both personally and professionally."
    — Jodi Walker, Certifed Speaking Professional
  • "This book is a great guide to shifting your mindset during dynamic times, and helping refocus on the things that are truly important. There are so many great tips and reminders to help you stop, breathe and think before becoming completely overwhelmed by change. While extremely informative, it is a light read infused with humor and great anectdotes. I highly recommend it!"
    — Lucia Aurello

    "No matter what you're trying to do, having a guide to help you get over the inevitable speed bumps and setbacks in getting to your destination is a must. Eileen shows you how to do it and come out a stronger and better than ever. It's not about bouncing back as she says, it's about growing through! Read it to find out how."
    — Chart Learning Solutions (Vista, CA, US)
  • "Most of the books I read I pass on after I have finished them. This book will stay on the table along with my Bible where I spend my morning quiet time. Eileen has done an amazing job of combining her personal journey with real-life personal and business stories of others to illustrate the wisdom of her words -- seasoned with quotes of the "greats" through the ages. If you ever feel discouraged personally or professionally, this book is for you! If you're looking for a gift to encourage someone else, I can't think of a better one! My personal passion is helping people accomplish their work and enjoy their lives -- and one of my principles is "Half of any job is having the right tool." I can't think of any tool that would be more valuable. Thanks, Eileen McDargh! You are a jewel."
    — Barbara Hemphill "Paper Tiger Lady" (Raleigh, NC)
  • "According to the late Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. ‘A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.’ There is no bouncing back to normal. This is the central theme of Resiliency GPS. Eileen McDargh challenges you to embrace the challenges of life and then gives you the GPS (Growth Potential Strategy) to guide you on the journey. Every journey begins with a single step. Buy Rethink Resiliency and start today."
    — Stanley G. Phelps "Goldfish Guy" (Cary, NC, USA)
  • "I've met, and listened to Eileen, I agree with her philosophy. I read a little of this book through the “look inside,” have ordered it and look forward to reading more. Lynn Durham, RN author of From Frazzled To Fantastic! You’re One Thought Away From Feeling Better and Dancing Gracefully with Life."
    — Lynn Durham (NH)
  • "If you want to recharge, refresh and restore your resiliency, this book is for you. The ultimate roadmap to a powerful and personal life is between the covers of Your Resiliency GPS. You will find information that is practical and easy to implement. There is a blend of psychology, spirituality and common sense. It is a must read for seekers, searchers and sojourners."
    — Robert and Jane Handly (TX)

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