Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh's Testimonials

  • — Jill Gaffney, Executive Women International
  • — David Seiler, Exec VP, Trinity Property Consultants
  • — Chuck Rose, Canadian Assoc.of Professional Speakers
  • Working with Eileen was like working with the fairy godmother of speaking…not only is she a pro and a veteran of the speaking business, her amazing energy, ideas and insight helped me craft my first keynote speech so that it was clear, concise and effective for my audience, and it turned out to be a huge success! Her mentorship and encouragement has given me the confidence to pursue speaking as an avenue that I would not have considered before, but which has manifested as an important component of my business! Thank you Eileen for your support and coaching to help me become a more confident and impactful speaker!"
    — Monique Tallon
    CEO, Highest Path Consulting
  • It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday, I clearly see why you have been chosen as one the top motivational speakers. I am also pleasantly surprised that you took the time to send a note to me regarding my talk, that means a lot to me, especially coming from you. You positively affect the lives of those you speak to, the talk after your presentation was how moving it was, not enjoyable, funny, etc.., how moving it was. It was how it ended as to what they were all talking about. Yesterday was how God wanted you to close.cause it affected people.and to the positive. Eileen, You Are Simply Best!, and I am grateful that our paths crossed and certainly hope that they do again, please keep in touch. I will be perusing your site.and as for positive gossip..well I will be spreading a lot of positive, and a lot of positive about you, but not gossip, cause what I'll be spreading is absolutely true!"
    — Tim Chesney
    President, Ohio Health Care Association
  • The speaker Eileen McDargh was outstanding. I loved it! She really did give the audience energy, we laughed out loud, I didn't fall asleep, and the audience was participating. I would actively seek out more of her conferences and talks to attend. I had never heard of her before but she is someone now I won't forget. Her closing speech touched my heart and I got all glossy eyed! If in the future I am part of a team or company that could use her skills, I would definitely look her up and hire her to help. Truly a lovely person and one I could have listened to for longer, so whoever thought of getting this lady involved needs a big pat on the back and she was 110% better than the speaker last year!"
    — Audience Member Shannon Bush, URENCO USA
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh Kneeling on Stage
  • Eileen was our keynote speaker at our internal Marketing & Communications Development Day in December 2013. She took the time to really understand what we were looking for and spent a lot of time preparing with our host/moderator to ensure that the virtual session not only inspirational but also enjoyable because of their established rapport. She was also adaptable (just like her message) and was kind enough to deliver two sessions so that we covered all of our time zones. Eileen has amazing energy, a great sense of humour and has a very relevant and inspirational message to share."
    — Juliet Atkinson,
    All About People Program Lead | EMEA Marketing BMO
    SAP - France
  • Eileen is a consummate professional, full of energy, and a pleasure to work with. She spent almost a full day with the group before she ever spoke and interacted with a number of different attendees during that time. Her willingness to get to know the organization and her interest in doing so is the exception not the rule. Her customization of the presentation to the group truly made the difference and made her message that more impactful! If resiliency is your topic, Eileen is the one to deliver it!"
    — Tracy Newell, CMP, CMM
    President, MeetingWise, LLC & Association of California Community Colleges Meeting Planer
  • Thank you so much for the absolutely fantastic contribution you made at the MBA. Your speech will give me more courage and energy as I go forward. Also, I printed out 2 of the 3 e-books from your website. Thank you for those as well. I am now armed with tons of ideas and tasks to go through and I know, that something will "stick" !! I'm not a spring chicken and my time on this planet is limited, so I will become more resilient!!"
    — SB
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh at Choices
  • Whenever I worked with Eileen, she "loved my clients" like a baby. She held them... She fed them... She looked into their eyes and communicated so clearly & caringly. Eileen embraced every single project as if nothing else mattered on this planet other than the success of my clients program. Her enthusiasm, spirit and devotion rippled through the ballrooms. Her smile, her sparkle, her "gift" for listening and responding so articulately made her the "bar" that I compare all others to. With Eileen, I always knew my program would be stellar and memorable. We are all so fortunate to have the likes of Eileen McDargh in our wonderful meetings industry."
    — Tom Smith, CMP
  • Eileen's presentation was insightful, engaging and most importantly made a lasting difference for our global leadership team. Within the short amount of time we had for her on the agenda she was able to give our team tools to use when dealing with organizational change. The leadership team is already adopting some of her language and tool that help identify ways of thinking that either support or impede change adoption.

    Feedback from the program was overwhelming positive and in fact the highest rating general session of our two and a half day meeting.

    It is rare that a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Eileen has done just that. We plan to use her again with our larger IT organization to reinforce the messages and methodologies she shared with the leadership team."

    — Cisco Systems Worldwide
  • Eileen McDargh's energy and power causes some people to wonder what air she's breathing! She's not one to mince words and unequivocally declares that long-term competitive advantage is possible only when the hearts of your employees and your customers are engaged. For 25 years she has been a successful business woman, an award winning author, and an influential executive coach. By the time she is done with you, it is almost impossible to have a superficial conversation.

    Transforming our work, Eileen asserts, comes through transforming ourselves. Her way of explaining the interconnectedness of our lives and our work will move your people to seek-and find-new ways to fulfill their true potential. And don't worry about her entertainment value-her engaging style and humor, as well as her depth, got her into the Speakers Hall of Fame."

    — Ian Percy, CPAE
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • I did not want another day to go by without sending you my sincerest thanks for a job well done at our association's annual convention. As you know, the keynote speaker plays such an important role in a convention-setting the state for a positive experience for all in attendance. You were not only excellent to work with in advance but onsite you were prompt and easy to work with. The best part of all - YOU DELIVERED! Your message was on target, and our members are still raving about your presentation!"
    — Minnesota Health & Housing Alliance
  • From our first telephone conversation, I knew you would do an outstanding job and you lived up to our expectations! I was most impressed by the amount of homework you did in order to customize your program to our needs. You showed great flexibility when the topic shifted and changed as we approached the meeting. It was not easy to come up with a program that would please both employees and their spouses, but you managed to do so beautifully. Most importantly, the spouses left feeling that they had been included in the World Savings “family”.
    — World Savings
  • As a result of your work, the senior leadership team walked away as a cohesive unit, re-energized and more hopeful. We are committed to a new future which we now own. You helped us learn how to be resilient change masters."
    — Stanislaus County, CA
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • Our department had gone through some significant change, requiring a much different approach to this year’s conference. We decided to change direction a bit and bring in an outside motivational speaker to help break the ice and enable better communication. We were referred to Eileen by a colleague who was very happy with her work at a previous conference and based on conversations we had leading up to our event were confident she would be a perfect fit. And of course, she was! Eileen met and exceeded our expectations, was a critical part of our creative planning design, a joy to work with and remains one of the best speakers we’ve ever had."
    — Jason Linder
    Corporate Credit, Intel Corp.
  • How great it was to work with you and how impressive it was that you tailored your keynote session for our program. I am so glad you were able to join us a day earlier and that you used your time wisely while you were in Louisville… sitting in on the Friday morning keynote speaker, visiting with our members, staff, committee and sponsors, and joining us for the Comedy Hour. Many speakers remain in their guest rooms, but certainly you see the value in networking with our attendees and immersing yourself in our program. Your hard work and dedication certainly paid off in your presentation to our members. How clever you were to include the "B&B" joke which fit our industry well. I also appreciate your recognizing our premier sponsor NOVALIS as a part of your session. I am thankful to have worked with you professionally and glad to get to know you personally."
    — American Nursery & Landscape Association
  • As a meeting planner, I was so surprised and excited by your ability to become part of a very complex and highly demanding group. While you were speaking, I felt like you had known the audience for a long period of time because you connected with them so well!"
    — Procter & Gamble
  • Motivation Speaker Eileen McDargh on Stage with Black Jacket
  • There are speakers who run in and deliver. There are speakers who say "customize" and then do little of that. You delivered a message that just plain exceeded our expectations. I appreciate that you actually took the time to learn our language, arrived early, paid attention to what the other keynote speakers said and wove it into your speech, picking up on the key themes. This makes you a rare breed."
    — Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services
  • Thank you for speaking at our Tuesday luncheon during the Ingenix Health Care Information Summit in San Diego! Your topic and your knowledge of our audience made you an immediate hit with our group. One of our senior vice presidents came up to me after your presentation and said, “Eileen really understands the diverse audience we have here. You can certainly tell that she did her homework.” Your talk on the “Mastery Model” is so appropriate for those in health care and technology jobs. You have given us a great foundation on which to build our success."
    — Ingenix
  • On behalf of The Canadian Payroll Association and the Conference delegates, please accept my sincerest thanks for your contribution to the success of our Conference in Vancouver. Your presentation on "Work for a Living but Still Be Free to Live" was so meaningful for so many of our delegates who feel the stress and pressure of being outstanding employees, managers, parents, daughters or sons, friends etc—all at the same time. Among other things, your thoughtful stories and lessons sent us all away with the resolve to spend more time on the things that truly matter in life—and less time fretting about the things we can't control. Judging from the number of books you sold after your presentation, your words really hit home for so many people!. I have to tell you what a true pleasure it was to work with you in the planning stages of our conference. You were so flexible and accommodating and dare I say it—so darn to work with. Thank you for making my job so much more pleasant!"
    — Canadian Payroll Association
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh Laughing
  • Eileen really connected with our group of executives. She did three consecutive sessions that grew in attendance each time and quickly became the talk of the national conference. We look forward to working with her again in the near future!"
    — Chain Store Age Magazine
  • It was our pleasure meeting you. You are a bouquet of Red Roses to everyone you touch. Thanks for your very well thought out presentation to our car wash family and for becoming our friend."
    — Western Car Wash Association
  • The way you energized and captivated our audience at our Global Payroll Management Conference in San Francisco was magical! From the moment you made your spectacular and surprising entrance, and throughout your often hilarious, yet compelling presentation, you held us in the palm of your hand."
    — American Payroll Association
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • It was a pleasure having you as a keynote speaker at our recent Consumer Operations Leadership Summit. Your speech was fabulous. Your exuberant speaking style captivated the audience while your keynote was truly inspired."
    — Blue Shield of California
  • As one of the fastest growing direct marketing companies in the U.S., we're pretty darn picky. Our folks have heard it all over the past 26 years! You not only caught our language—you captured our spirit and our essence. You gave us ALL something new to help us grow our businesses, help our lives, and be better stewards of our time and talent in the bargain. You had us laughing, crying and learning. Thanks so much! We’ll see you again!"
    — Rita Davenport
    President, Arbonne International
  • You did an outstanding job and we are very pleased with how the entire event went. You were very fun and engaging with both audiences. You did a great job adapting to information on-site. You were a great highlight for General Session. We heard a lot of feedback from people reciting some of your tips and ideas along the way. We continue to reflect on those things in leader calls and our field communication."
    — Kathie Winscher
    National Training Director, Creative Memories
  • Author Eileen McDargh at Book Signing
  • I attended your session this weekend and just wanted to say…THANK YOU!!!! You are a truly incredible, motivational speaker!!!! I am thankful for being able to attend and have come away from the weekend with infinite information and the belief that I can truly build my business!! You were incredible! Your comments about leaving a legacy really impressed me. I am continually amazed that when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive. Thanks for teaching me this weekend."
    — Attendee at Arbonne International ACTNOW conference
  • If meeting planners want to look great, all they have to do is hire you. I am so glad to have discovered you, and even more thrilled to bring your life-changing message, talents, and motivation into other lives. You are phenomenal!"
    — Computer Sciences Corporations
  • Thank you for participating in our combined Region 4&6 and Region 2 Educational Conferences. Your excellent presentations contributed to the success of these programs. ALA, and I personally, have worked with you for many years. It is always a pleasure. I know everything will go smoothly when you're in charge. And, most importantly, you will deliver an excellent presentation for our membership. Your session evaluations are consistently among our highest scores. Eileen, your energy and enthusiasm makes working with you a job. Thank you."
    — Association of Legal Administrators
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh at Choices
  • Words cannot express how excited I am about being President of the Southwest & Pacific Chapter of PCMA since your facilitation of our board retreat. I am now working with a board of enthusiastic, motivated, caring, dedicated people that I do not believe I had before the retreat. Many questioned why I needed a facilitator before the retreat. None question that rationale now. I personally have learned a lot about working within the style of each member, which I would never, had known without the exercises you facilitated. We are also on the path to setting and achieving our goals. Every time I have heard or worked with you either as a facilitator or keynoter I have been more and more impressed. You are certainly like wine improving all the time."
    — Professional Convention Management Association
  • While we did as much homework on your background and style as we could, one never knows if the advertising is all hype or actual fact. If you choose to use any of my remarks for publicity, those readers need to know that you delivered more than what I expected. We will have bottom line results in employee retention & recruitment as an outcome of our work with you."
    — Menasha
  • At a kick-off meeting to merge the New England/New York Women's Group with the Mid-Atlantic Group, one of the great things Eileen did for us was to help the group understand that our issues are the same. She struck a real chord with me in her discussion regarding balancing work and family life. She talked about letting go of the rocks - elements in our lives that drag us down but we feel compelled to continue on with these rocks I have kept a picture of the rock on my desk over the past 8 months to remind myself to make different personal choice and to let go of the stuff that does not contribute to my overall personal life mission."
    — Proctor & Gamble
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh at ICAN
  • On behalf of the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) membership and the VNAA Education Committee, we thank you for presenting at our 28th Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

    We appreciate the time and effort that was involved in tailoring your presentation to our audience. Your keynote session inspired attendees to open their minds to change rather than viewing challenges negatively and attendees approached the following days of the conference with a fresh perspective to improve their personal lives and enhance their professional services.

    I would also like to thank you for going above and beyond to spend time with VNAA members and attend GSK's booth. The time you spent meeting members and sponsors was incredibly valuable and shows your decision to supporting the nonprofit home healthcare community. Also, thank you for sharing the United Church of Christ YouTube videos; they are a reminder of how a concise video can work wonders for branding and rapidly spreading a message.

    Your presentation helped ensure the success of the VNAA 28th Annual Meeting. Again, thank you for your support and commitment to the VNAA mission."

    — Andy Carter
    President, Visiting Nurse Associations of America
  • As you know, you certainly were a hit at the conference. Many are requesting your return. We should talk about it. We generally don't rehire within a year - but then your drawing power was never experienced by us. Keep up the good work. If you ever need a reference, you know who to ask. :-)"
    — Joyce Kolligian
    Executive Director, Simmons Leadership Conference
  • I attended the Simmons Women’s Leadership conference this year. Your session was very dynamic and inspiring. I have used many of your words to help coach my team through a tumultuous time of change that is occurring in our business.

    I’ve gone to your web site and borrowed inspirational messages to post in our zone newsletter, so thank you!

    I’m sure that Debby told you that we are a team of critical care nurses who provide education in healthcare settings to end-users of our patient monitoring products. As nurses, we are inherently resistant to change. Your book is fantastic and will not only be a great gift to my team, but also a source of encouragement as we maneuver through these times. Thank you so much."

    — Dee McArthur
    Simmons Women’s Leadership conference
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • Eileen is one in a million. She focuses on her client and their environment and creates custom recommendations to fit their personal needs. She is energetic and creative --bringing out the hidden "spots" that sometimes are held close to the vest. She listens and takes action. She is incredible in her attention to detail and follow up. She is personable and easy to talk with, making the engagement process simple and direct. She is a straight shooter...she's going to tell you what you don't want to hear, but need to hear. She can turn a cold room into a warm home. A TRUE GEM!"
    — Laura Barbar
    Intel North American Sales
  • Eileen McDargh is one of the stalwarts in the world of leadership speakers. Knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical, she has a reputation for building meaningful relationships with her clients and, thereby, precisely meeting their needs. She is a model that all speakers -- not just those in the leadership field -- should look at and emulate."
    — Sondra Thiederman, Ph.D.
  • Looking back over the week, the highlight was certainly your presentation. The energy, thought provoking exercise and challenge of becoming “radically resilient” left us all with plenty of food for thought. It was a very timely topic in light of the changes we as a company and many of us personally are and will be experiencing.

    I know we will all grow through our association with you and work to keep the “red ants” away."

    — Gary Everson
    Par-Way Tryson Company
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh at Choices
  • You are such an amazing woman—your optimism and vibrancy is refreshing and infectious. You were such a fantastic component of our Women's Business Forum. You are the first standing ovation in 6 years from a very seasoned and analytical group of senior executive women representing a wide variety of industries. Thank you!"
    — Ami McIntosh
    Navigant Consulting
  • On behalf of the nearly 1300 military women and men who attended the Joint Women's Leadership Symposium...a heartfelt thank you.

    Your presentation on The Art of Balancing an Unequal Life was inspiring and informative. The reaction from our attendees has been overwhelmingly positive and your contribution has made a difference in their professional lives... You are truly appreciated."

    — Commander Nicole L. Maver-Shue
    President Sea Service Leadership Association
  • On behalf of the over 1,700 women and men who attended the 25th Annual Joint Women's Leadership Symposium, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for your participation. This year's symposium was the largest ever nationwide gathering of women in uniform!

    Your "Radical Resiliency" session was inspiring and informative. The reaction from our attendees has been overwhelmingly positive, and you have made a difference in their professional lives. Next year's conference in Washington, DC will continue to build on this success and we hope you will join us.

    As we continue to grow, please know that your support of this conference is critical to the success of this mission. Your participation is truly appreciated.<"

    — Commander Nicole L. Maver-Shue
    President Sea Service Leadership Association
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • Eileen, you are not a speaker; you’re an experience (and great fun). And the message was so important. I’m already thinking differently."
    — Bob Lund, Egistics Inc.
  • I have worked with Eileen McDargh for 2 years in the production and delivery of a prototype Webinar talk show for our US Customer Business Development organization. Eileen created the webinar to serve and bring external perspective to our diverse employee base.

    I recommend Eileen McDargh for your consideration for these reasons:

    She created and developed a Webinar talk show series, entitled “WP&G FM – A New Way to Find Meaning (FM)” for our organization that has reached over 1400 listeners each year. The webinar and talk-show format has realized significant cost efficiencies for the broad reach and engage employees at a personal and convenient level. We also captured the show digitally allowing listeners and those who could not participate to engage on their timing.

    Through her vast range of contacts, Eileen has brought unique and relevant speakers to our organization and served as the talk show host for each session. Eileen is not only creative and full of positive energy, but she also works extremely hard to understand our culture with intentional preparation. She is definitely an upbeat, fun host who knows how to engage the speaker and captivate the audience.

    Because of Eileen’s ownership, connections and expertise, we have discovered a new approach to stay connected across the U.S. with content and a format that meets individual and organizational objectives.

    She is also a joy and pleasure with whom to work. She is easy to work with, extremely professional and very in touch.

    I believe any organization which decides to work with Eileen will be extremely pleased and well-served."

    — Patricia Lin, P&G
  • Eileen WOWed the officers and senior enlisted from the US Navy, US Marines, US Air Force and US Coast Guard. Her diligence, research, and creativity created a program that was BRILLIANT. Our client wanted someone who was relate-able, an expert on work/life balance and who was able to facilitated discussion among several hundred career officers (all women). SHE WAS PERFECT! She kept everyone (in our office and with the client) in the loop, she did a tremendous amount of research and then followed up with the client and our office. I HIGHLY recommend her!"
    — Pegine Echevarria, MSW, CSP
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • I had the honor of meeting Eileen at the DRJ Fall World business continuity conference. Her topic was "Business Resilience". I tend to show up early, and Eileen came over to me and engaged me in some light professional conversation. The signal for the conference to start ended our conversation, but not before she said, "I think you're going to like what you're going to hear".

    Eileen shared about how "Business Resilience" is based on "Personal Resilience". One of her anecdotes was about the "9/11 sniffer dogs" and their handlers. These dogs will dig and keep digging until they find something. She relayed that the task was so huge and overwhelming, that sometimes one of the handlers had to pretend to bury themselves in the rubble so that the dog could "find" something, so that the dog wouldn't get discouraged.

    Eileen didn't know this, but my own personal and professional situation has been like that of the sniffer dog. I nearly cried during her talk. It was like her talk was just for me. Her ensuing message of hope, and how each of us can learn to be more resilient, can help us as leaders to make our organizations more resilient. That's valuable! Since that talk, I have found new hope and strengthened personal resilience, and have passed her message forward to others.

    Eileen is a speaker who will share important topics and in a way that will connect with your mind and with your heart and make the message memorable and make a difference. For me, I will remember that morning for a lifetime. If you can get on Eileen's calendar to bring her to your organization, I am very confident that you will be very glad that you did."

    — Alan Yue, PMP, CISSP, CBCP
  • Eileen is one of the most creative and inspiring business problem solvers I have ever known. Her depth of knowledge combined with her endless passion and enthusiasm make her an unstoppable force for improvement. Any company that needs a kick in the pants combined with a solid path forward needs to have Eileen on their team. I've seen her in action and she has my highest recommendation."
    — Steve Waterhouse
    Predictive Index®, President, Waterhouse Group
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh at Breakfast
  • Thank you for the amazing presentation you shared with the ICF-OC Chapter. Your stories were relevant, your wisdom was profound and your delivery inspired and energized us. We all really appreciated the time and energy that it took to customize the presentation for our group and the feedback we received confirms that you have truly started off our year with a gift that really matters."
    — Heather Wieshlow
  • Just dropping a note to say hello. I enjoyed meeting up with you at the Simmons Conference is Boston in April. Your book “My Get Up And Go... Got Up And Went” has inspired me and helped me through a difficult transition. Here are the phrases from you book that helped me get through it:

    · Breeeeeeeeeethe!
    · Music rules the heart - check out my band
    · Don’t cry over something that won’t cry over you (I really love this one!! J)
    · Learn something new
    · Go for a change

    I have read only to page 48 so far and I am looking forward to reading the rest.

    Your presentation at the Simmons conference was as GREAT as I knew it would be!!!! I was in tears (good tears!) at the end and so were my friends. You really have a gift for public speaking.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep on doing what you are doing!"

    — Diane Whalen
    Simmons Leadership Conference
  • It is so refreshing and exciting to hear you speak at the MTORS Conference in Chicago. You are such a great speaker and funny. I have been to this conference year after year for the last ten years and you definitely stand out in my book. I wish and hope to hear you speak again someday.

    Thank you for touching my life and my career in ways no one has. I know I only heard you speak once but you have made a difference in me as a person. I am a fan of yours. Good luck to you always."

    — Odette M. Ilejay, RN BSN
    University of California, Davis Health System
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh in Audience
  • Thank you for sharing your insight as the closing speaker at the GAM 2012 Conference for Chief Audit Executives. I was particularly impressed by your preparation – you went all the way out to get to understand the business needs of our target audience and adapted your presentation to meet those needs – traits of a true professional! You did an outstanding job."
    — Agnes Amos-Coleman, CMP, MBA,
    The Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Eileen is “ knock your socks off amazing.” Eileen is located in Orange County and spoke at our dinner meeting. NAWBO-OC is tough audience…. A really tough audience.

    She wowed the entire group. The buzz after included “she is the best speaker we have ever had” . Her delivery is superb. Her content is rich, funny and powerful. She is genuine, authentic and compelling. During her presentation the group was riveted and after was full of energy."

    — ANAWBO Orange County
  • I wanted to thank you personally for an incredible day yesterday. Your workshop and keynote were extremely well received, and you really connected to our audience. I for one was very moved by your presentation... and will be looking to start with "just the one change" that will lead me to GREAT work. My thanks again for an inspirational day!"
    — Christine Colwell
    Signature Breads Inc.
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh Listens Too
  • Your morning workshop and afternoon key note were inspiring, motivating, and thought provoking to name a few! What better way to spend some quality time ensuring those good things become great things, and those challenges become things that we face, learn from, and overcome.

    Thank you on behalf of all the people you inspired yesterday. The ripple effect of your words and your story has been evident in the many conversations about you and the wonderful experiences of our attendees.

    As I said yesterday, when you mentioned that your piloting relative was your mother, my very next thought was that I could see why you are the amazing force you are. Your mother flew planes, and you fly people."

    — Cathy Doyle
    General Mills Employer in Residence, Bryant University
  • Wonderful! It was a great day and some of the participants have made real changes as a result of attending the event! That is what NEW is all about making a difference in people’s lives!

    Thank you Eileen for customizing your workshop and keynote address for our event. It is speakers like you that collaborate with our regional committees to create our exactly what our members request that make our events so successful. We greatly appreciate your support for our mission!"

    — Network of Executive Women
  • Our event survey just came back, and you were one of the highest (if not THE highest) speakers ever! 99% positive on your keynote, with several attendees commenting that you were one of the best speakers they had seen. Very high praise... but very well deserved and mirrored the feedback and comments I heard during and after the event.

    I want to thank you again for an unforgettable day. You were fantastic!"

    — Network of Executive Women
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh With Participant
  • Well, what can I say? Our "Women and Health: A Time For You" event was absolutely spectacular! Judging from the buzz during the event and the written evaluations, I can safely say this was our most successful event ever (our eighth). The credit for starting the day off on the right note goes to you. You certainly did your homework and provided a perfect fit in presentation style, content, and audience appropriateness. The goal of the conference, which was to facilitate women to integrate new and healthy lifestyle behaviors into their daily lives was enhanced by your strong and motivating message."
    — Mayo Clinic Office of Women's Health
  • Inspiring presentation. The conference evaluations were overwhelmingly positive with exciting remarks - Eileen McDargh was the BEST! Thank you again for making this conference one of the best ever."
    — National Assistance League
  • You were an inspiration and a delight yesterday as the closing keynote speaker at the Intel WIN (Women @ Intel Network) conference. Your speech was packed with facts, motivation, self-empowerment strategies, and delivered with delightful down-to-earth charisma and humor. I am motivated to use my 4 P's. (Power, Passion, Play, Purpose). You are 'fun in the sandbox,' and I am glad you were a part of our sandbox for a day."
    — Intel WIN (Women @ Intel Network)
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh on Stage at ICANN Speaker Series
  • Eileen McDargh was our speaker for the morning with The Energy Connection: How to Get It, Keep It, and Stop Giving It Away. At the core of Eileen’s powerful message was the realization that all innovation, creativity, and productivity are the results of people who are highly energized by what they do, how they do it, and for whom they do it. She was inspirational as well as thought provoking … and did we say fun?"
    — Skilled Healthcare and Affiliates
  • We were thrilled to have Eileen speak at our annual women's symposium! We have a new theme for the event each year and Eileen was able to customize her presentation to it and even make some 'on the fly' changes the day of the event to incorporate some of the concepts we shared before the attendees arrived! She is heart-felt and gentle as well as fun and humorous. She made us giggle. She made us think. She made us cry. She gave us encouragement, wisdom, motivation and inspiration. It was a joy to work with her from the moment we hired her through the standing ovation she received from the attendees the day of the event!"
    — Shonna Jordan
    Marketing and Production Manager, Sheila McDonnell's WIBS 2012
  • Eileen impressed me from the first time I heard her speak at a Woman’s Leadership conference. In that environment, she taught a room full of women (and men) how to be extraordinary and to be your best every day. She enables others to recognize their strengths and as a woman, for it being ok to be an intelligent, female leader without apology. I also hired her to help develop a larger, gender mixed and culturally diverse group of leaders within our international group. Eileen is engaging and candid in her approach to leadership development. Through research based applications, she enabled the team to identify their strengths and opportunities and how to improve upon our interactions as a team."
    — Kristen Lane, VP/GM Global Markets, ConAgra
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh with Reader at Book Signing
  • Eileen it was wonderful to see how you connected with the audience and the panelists and brought them out to dance…so to speak. Merry, Sara and Diana, the audience was able to connect to you through your stories, relate that information to their own situations and think about how they could advance their own Lead-her-ship styles."
    — Jane C. Andrews, Ph.D.
  • Eileen’s resiliency model, her colorful and poignant stories and insights and tips were so well received by our 1,300 member leadership team. And her time with us will help our leadership team be even stronger. She is an energetic positive force who knows how to make an audience listen, and learn. I would recommend Eileen to any organization that is interested in straightforward, meaningful ways to face and even thrive in a changing environment."
    — Liz Swanson, HealthPartners
  • Eileen McDargh: A Difference-Maker

    Few speakers have the ability to reach into the souls of an audience and favorably impact their thinking, their commitment, and their quest for improvement. Eileen McDargh has that gift. Upon engagement, she will study and know your organization – its culture, its goals, its opportunities. And when she speaks, she has a mesmerizing effect, blending humor, passion and information that make personal lives and professional performance better. Our associates catch her enthusiasm, her drive, and her will to win, and it shows."

    — Beecher Hunter
    President, Life Care Centers of America
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh with Reader at Book Signing
  • Awesome. Dynamic. Memorable. Impactful. Strategic. Energetic. Passionate…

    I could go on and on to describe the motivational speeches and workshops by Eileen McDargh.

    Eileen has the extraordinary skill of delivering key messages that are tailored to meet the unique needs of her audience…She does this through truly getting to know the organization and the audience well in advance and intense preparation to understand the objectives of her clients. I was impressed by how she weaves in references specific to the client audience in her speeches that make the audience really feel she knows and understands their needs.

    Eileen’s key note speech themes are current, provocative and agile to help small and major businesses manage organization changes, understand dynamics of industry business challenges and develop better people management skills. She is a dynamic key note speaker and I have seen her first hand in front of small groups of 50 -100 as well as larger 500+ audience where she holds the attention of everyone in the room. That is no easy task in this current multi-device need-it-now culture!

    At our organization we were so impressed with Eileen’s key note speech, we invited her back to develop and tailor smaller workshops for our individual business units and employee relations groups to help us effectively integrate and manage people through organizational matrix and break down vertically-managed businesses.

    Eileen McDargh is a partner that an organization or group should utilize beyond her dynamic and effective key note speeches- she can be a partner to help in people development and foster organizational effectiveness and growth."

    — Adrienne Jakson
    Director Field Force Integration, NPC
  • You did a fabulous job of inspiring us to think about life integration at TPI’s global conference in Vancouver last week. Not exactly an easy task on a Saturday morning with a group that has partied the night before but your message was so aligned with our needs that the audience was with you through the morning. Your preparation was thorough; you talked to a significant number of key people throughout the firm to get a good cross section of our company and you nailed exactly what we were looking for. Using Ron on stage was a real stoke of genius.

    You have very high energy and innovative approaches to creating a vision of life integration. For me the sailing metaphor really resonated. Others mentioned to me that they found your message “inspiring”. There was something for everyone to take away that was meaningful. We just had our conference debrief this morning. All the executives involved in conference planning were raving about what a wonderful message you delivered with such energy and sincerity.

    We will definitely think of you for events of this type in the future."

    — Pat Cox
    TPI Global Conference
  • You were a total hit yesterday! Thanks for your great spirit and energy and message – many people have commented to me today that we need more inspiration daily like you provided!"
    — Pat Walls, Safeway
  • We were very excited that Eileen McDargh was available to speak at our all-employee meeting. From start to finish, she was full of energy and delivered just the right message and then some -- and with such candor, compassion and a sense of humor. Eileen has a way of making you feel like she’s known you all of your life. The event was a huge success! Eileen made a real connection with our group and her messages have continued to resonate around the office. I believe her core concepts and strategies will be revisited and refreshed for the long-term by our employees as important life tools. We would definitely recommend Eileen to other groups for speaking and consulting engagements.

    April Quigley, Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston, a Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

    Eileen is an expert and engaging speaker who knows how to connect with her audience. Her keynote was exactly what I was hoping for! She related with the audience in so many ways and more importantly, with every person in the room! There are many that can inspire from the stage but the research she shared, and the stories she told were so compelling and inspirational!

    Her passion for the subject matter is incredible and she truly encourages the audience to reflect on their own careers and authentic selves."

    — Rose Marie Doty
    Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
  • I cannot say enough about Eileen McDargh and the professionalism and encouragement she brought to our client conference with senior leaders for major law firms. In addition to pre-meeting conference calls, she expressed interest in learning more about our business, the event, and background information. She even called our opening keynoter to coordinate with him! Eileen also served as a moderator/facilitator for our client panel discussion. She raised it to a new level, tying the themes in to her presentation and helping manage the audience questions, not merely keeping us on time but integrating panelist comments into a more meaningful context. The resulting discussion was not just facilitated by her presence--she also added value. Her energy was/is amazing, impressive and contagious! Small wonder she received highest marks."
    — Marketing Communications Manager, Fortune 500 Company
  • I was struck by the veracity of your words at the WLA conference and that they resonated with my experience. I felt that you know from your core what resiliency is, and have also studied it, rather than the reverse.

    I purchased The Resilient Spirit because of the combination of artwork, short sayings and a longer section. It's something to dive into without a major commitment, and a brief reminder, when I need it. While it presents a positive point of view, there's no panacea or indication that it's all easy. Even when I don't exactly agree with what's on a particular page, I can see your truth shining through. I can respect that, there's authenticity in each section."

    — Jennifer K. Abbott
    Development Sciences, Toxicology
  • It was a pleasure working with you and having you at the ACCCA conference. We received great verbal feedback on your presentation and look forward to seeing the results of the online survey to attendees. Your passion and energy level are both contagious and enviable!"
    — Tracy Leggio Newell, CMP, CMM
  • Dear Eileen, just a short thank you note from me. I always learn something from our interaction and this week was very special. I have had a lot of introspection during and after the meeting and the trip triggered many thoughts on how I could improve myself not only as a leader but as a person and also my team. Thanks for your warmth, and engaging personality but also for bringing an authenticity to leadership coaching that is unique."
    — M. Mansaray
  • Dear Eileen,

    I want to thank you again for making Assistance League(R) National Conference such a great success. What outstanding presentations! You left our attendees energized, excited and with a fresh perspective for looking at their life and volunteer work. The information you provided was practical, thought provoking, and immediately useful-just what we were hoping for!

    The attendee's evaluations rated both of your presentations as excellent and included overwhelmingly positive written comments. One knows that the speaker is a success when one reads comments such as "Eileen McDargh is a perfect fit for Assistance League. She inspires just teh spirit we need to encourage in our members and in our leaders." "What a spark plug!" "Eileen alone was worth the trip." You successfully engaged the audience and inspired all.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put forth toward personalizing the sessions to our organization and for your prompt responses to all my queries. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I thank you for your professionalism and your ability to challenge our volunteers. We will certainly recommend your presentation to others and look forward to working with you again the the future. Again, many thanks."


    — Linda V. DeLuca
    Assistance League(R)
  • To Whom It May Concern,

    It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Eileen McDargh.

    As a keynote speaker for the annual Fusion conference, with over 1,700 in attendance, Eileen was a dynamic speaker who inspired and encouraged the attendees from the The Institute of Financial Operations with an energetic speech on time management, personal enrichment, and taking control of technology. Her highly personalized keynote, sprinkled with details about the people she had met at the conference and interactions she had observed, received a standing ovation.

    In her keynote address, Eileen stated that it's all about the choices we made and that we should replace 'have to' with 'choose' and see how it changes our outlook. She also said that all leadership starts from the inside out and you have to have energy to live and lead. She urged the audience to scope out things that suck up their time, encouraging each member of The Institute to become a "push-back zealot" instead of just blindly accepting work assignments or other instructions that don't immediately make sense.

    Based upon the feedback from the attendees and my first hand experience I would highly recommend Eileen as a speaker for your organization."

    With kind regards,

    — Ken Brown
    VP Event Services, The Institute of Financial Operations
  • Dear Eileen,

    It was great to renew our friendship again at the recent Canadian Payroll Associations Annual Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver, Canada. When your name was mentioned as a possible keynote speaker my first thought was that we must have this wonderful woman speak to our delegates. I fondly remembered our first meeting in San Francisco where you were able to help Brenda and me with your positive outlook on life. After the conference we were looking forward to seeing you again but time did not allow for it. Both of us were saddened by this but there will be another time.

    Your enthusiasm and energy, which I described to our Board of Directors and Conference Committee as rivaling a football team, is absolutely amazing. You are able to transfer your positive energy to the audience and have them ready to conquer the world by the end of your presentation.

    In Vancouver I had the pleasure to be your personal host for one of out conference events and was awed by your ability to quickly access our group and become one of us payroll people in a matter of minutes. You read the pulse of the group and were able to communicate and speak our language as only a payroll professional can do.

    What impressed me that night and will stay with me for as long as I live was your ability to connect with people on a personal basis. The young lady who tragically lost her husband two years spoke to me later in the week about the bond the two of you developed that evening on the boat cruise and how she will never forget the way in which you encouraged her to tackle life and move forward with her own life. The look in your eyes when you spoke to me about your conversation with her showed compassion and a genuine care for others that lives inside of you.

    I have had the good fortune to attend conferences in many different countries around the world and rank you with the best of your profession. Your honesty and ability to connect with a group combined with your true love of life are inspirational to those lucky enough to hear you speak. You have that rare gift to be able to influence the way people behave and look at life.

    I look forward to the next opportunity to meet and reconnect with you. Whenever I receive a conference brochure I immediately look at the program to see if you will be one of the featured speakers.

    Eileen, I consider you a friend for life and wish that I could have half the energy and ability to change the world that you do. You are an inspiration and a truly amazing human being."

    — Mike Sitland, Past Chairman, Canadian Payroll Association

    PS: Hope you don’t mind the e-mail letter.

  • Your dynamic, thought-provoking presentation really prompted us to reassess our thinking, and more importantly, our acting. Not only did you touch on our problems head-on, you also gave us down-to-earth, important ways to make our lives better, less stressful, and self-directed. The participant evaluations for your presentation were outstanding. Everyone loved you and rightly so; you gave us a sense of direction!"
    — Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
  • Of course the personal comment section often tells a better story than our statistics. Personal comments: “Great meeting! My first WIN meeting. I was extremely impressed! The speaker was so excellent I bought her book!”, “Looking forward to spending more time with the workbook”, “Very informative. Great speaker!”, “Speaker and topic were wonderful. Well worth the time.” Our committee was impressed with your organization and the work prior to the event which contributed to its success."
    — The Dow Chemical Company
  • What a pleasure it was to meet you last week! You are really a delight and an inspiration. Everyone really enjoyed your seminar “Staying Rightside Up When the World is Upside Down.” They are still talking about it. It was exactly what everyone needed to hear. It was one of the most interesting seminars I’ve ever heard. Your creative ways of using cartoons, examples and quotes made this an excellent presentation!"
    — IBM
  • When planning for the conference, I felt your presentation would be necessary to generate energy, spark, interest, and be fun. I am happy to say you were successful on all three points. Rather than paraphrasing the comments provided by the attendees on your presentation, I have decided to provide representative samples of a few attendees’ comments. “Dynamic, motivational delivery. On of the best I have ever heard. Enormous energy.” “Energetic, dynamic, effective! Eileen was a breath of fresh air. She involved the audience better than any HR presenter I’ve seen over the years. She was very impressionable and she gave us excellent info that I hope we’ll all use.” I deeply appreciate the planning you obviously undertook to deliver such a powerful and enjoyable presentation."
    — Henkel Surface Technologies
  • It was certainly a pleasure not only to meet you, but to hear your presentation at our Annual Sales Meeting. I received numerous comments on how much everyone enjoyed listing to you, as well as receiving useful tools to help us all in our everyday life, at both our workplaces and our home lives. I believe there were several portions of your speech that each and everyone of us could take home in the hopes to get a better “grip on life."
    — Rubbermaid
  • What a great event for the First Cobalt Women’s Summit and I attribute it mostly to the energy, verve, professionalism and presence of Eileen McDargh. Thank you for connecting Cobalt with such a powerhouse.

    Our employees were captivated by her energy level, by the wisdom she conveyed and by the emotional attachment she created with the group. Additionally, her ideas to pull together the event and mediate the panel worked well and were quite effective with the audience.

    Most of the women commented, all of whom who are at different organizational levels and in different roles, that they walked away from the conference with a learning that they could apply immediately in their work or home life. It doesn’t get better than that.

    We loved working with Eileen and we look forward to continuing our relationship with her in the future. I recommend her highly as a motivational/inspirational speaker for any group."

    — Cobalt
  • On behalf of the Northrop Grumman management Club, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful presentation at both of our Dinner Meetings. It was a challenge with the events of September 11th, though with your flexibility with the dates you helped make it happen. Your conversation/thinking model was both practical and profound, and I had the opportunity to quote you in my last Board of Control Meeting. Your story of you WWII Air Force pilot mother added a special dimension for all of us. You made us laugh as well as cry, and in the end you even brought us to our feet."
    — Northrup Grumman Management Club
  • Thank you for a superb presentation at the UAW-Ford National Joint Programs Conference. Your energy was limitless, your ability to absorb our information and become “one of us” was phenomenal, and your message was right on. It touched squarely on the events that are taking place in our program and our company at this time."
    — UAW-Ford National Joint Apprentice Program
  • The feedback from both 3M participants (employees & spouses) and more importantly, our customer guests, was consistent and very positive—timely, uplifting, necessary, worthwhile, refreshing, fast paced, and lots of fun."
    — 3M Specialty Chemicals Division
  • What a wonderful and meaningful day-long retreat! The presentation was well-crafted to suit our personal needs as caregivers and demonstrated insight of “resiliency needs” while caring for the sick day after day. Our deepest thanks for the gifts of spirit you brought to us; we will never be the same again."
    — The Ministry Of Caring, Inc.
  • I want to express my deepest gratitude and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing presentation you shared with the ICF OC Chapter. Your stories were relevant, your wisdom was profound and your delivery inspired and energized us. We all really appreciated the time and energy that it took to customize the presentation for our group and the feedback we received confirms that you have truly started off our year with a gift that really matters. I wish you great success this year and please know that you are very welcome to come visit our chapter at any time."
    — International Coaching Federation
  • I want to thank you again for making Assistance League National Conference such a great success. What outstanding presentations! You left our attendees energized, excited and with a fresh perspective for looking at their life and volunteer work. The information you provided was practical, thought provoking, and immediately useful - just what we were hoping for!

    The attendee’s evaluations rated both of your presentations as excellent and included overwhelmingly positive written comments. One knows that the speaker is a success when one reads comments such as “Eileen McDargh is a perfect fit for Assistance League. She inspires just the spirit we need to encourage in our members and in our leaders.” “What a spark pug!” “Eileen alone was worth the trip.” You successfully engaged the audience and inspired all.

    I appreciate the time and effort you put forth toward personalizing the sessions to our organization and for your prompt response to all my queries. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I thank you for your professionalism and your ability to challenge our volunteers. We will certainly recommend your presentation to others and look forward to working with you again in the future. Again, many thanks."

    — Assistance League
  • In my 25 years in the association business, I have never seen a keynote speaker take as much time and effort to research an audience – including attending sessions and talking to NCPA members on-site to get to know their personalities and interests. Even your advance preparation, in reviewing background material and speeches and in our conversation about NCPA’s issues and objectives, you went well beyond the level of commitment I’ve seen with most speakers. That effort was evident in your speech and the many references you made to our concerns – they all had the ring of truth and understanding."
    — National Community Pharmacists Association
  • As a keynote speaker for the closing general session of our Pre-Congress program, you won the audience over completely! You are a stellar and consummate professional speaker, but add to that your originality, energy and sincerity, and you are a power that is not easily duplicated.

    These are among the words of praise we received about your presentations:

    “She got us thinking about where we put the true importance in our lives.”

    “She helped us identify our fear of moving out of our comfort zone into something more challenging.”

    This doesn’t account for the power of everything you do off the platform. I am most impressed by and appreciative of the genuine sincerity you show one-on-one and within a group. You are in-the- moment, engaged and “real.” You are a special breed!"

    — American Payroll Association Annual Congress
  • Well what can I say? You are terrific!! I want to truly thank you for your time, effort and huge talent displayed at the HR conference last week. Our staff, advisory group, and most importantly, our attendees, were raving at the message and the messenger. It is so refreshing to work with someone who takes the time to truly know the group she is speaking to. Personally, I also want to thank you for being so easy to work with and the extraordinary efforts you took to ease my mind when travel became interesting!! You are the best!!"
    — National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
  • I would like to thank you for your keynote speech at our recent videoconference, Meeting Challenges, Finding Harmony: A Program for Caregivers. The goal of the conference was to help bring caregivers together to share and be rejuvenated, as well as to provide information and education on available resources. This goal was achieved beyond our expectations due in large part to your excellent presentation. The caregivers all loved the event and we have been flooded with positive comments from organizers and participants alike. The evaluations were excellent. Your speech was perfectly attuned to the needs of caregivers. You truly made a difference in their lives! It was such a pleasure to work with you! You are organized, professional, flexible, and very easy to work with. I appreciate your energy and emotion, not to mention your extensive preparation."
    — Alzheimer’s Association, Greater Dallas Chapter
  • Thank you for providing the outstanding session, Work For A Living and Still Be Free To Live, at ERC’s Global Workforce Symposium which was held in Washington, DC this past October. To many of our attendees, your session was the highlight of the Symposium, and received a rating of 4.4 on a scale of 1 to 5 (4 = Excellent and 5 = Outstanding). Thank you again for bringing such a positive message to our Symposium. ERC deeply appreciates the time and effort you put into tailoring your session to provide meaningful content to our members and making the meeting a tremendous success!"
    — Employee Relocation Council
  • I wanted to express my personal appreciation for your participation as a speaker at this year’s TSAE Annual Conference held in Houston, Texas. I received several compliments from individuals in attendance at the conference, all of who said the programs and presenters were excellent this year. I believe the renewed spirit of TSAE was evident throughout the conference, and your presentation certainly added to its success."
    — Texas Society of Association Executives
  • The Lions of North America at our annual USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum held in Tucson, Arizona had the privilege and opportunity to have Eileen on our program. This is the fourth time we have had her on our program in various locations in North America. That alone speaks to her phenomenal appeal with the audience. We, in time, will have her back again. She brings vitality, energy, motivation and a never ending bundle of enthusiasm to each and every program where we have scheduled her. With nearly 3,000 in attendance, her two (2) seminars, held in a theatre with 1,500 seating, were nearly full both times. Lions members are volunteers in service and pay their own way to these annual functions with a pre-registration each year for the ensuing Forum ranging from 1,000 to 1,5000. They come back each year because of presenters like Eileen. I use the word presenter, because she is much more than a speaker and always has the audience at a “high” when they leave her seminar."
    — USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum
  • Our board met on November 19th at the Renaissance Hotel Long Beach which under the direction of Maribel Denner the Director of Sales and Marketing (and I might add a brand new PCMA member) was kind enough to sponsor our board retreat. Eileen McDargh of McDargh Communications in Newport Beach the retreat, which exceeded my expectations. Everyone came away feeling a new commitment to his or her positions. I highly recommend Eileen as a keynote speaker or as a facilitator for boards."
    — PCMA
  • Your talk was inspiring, thoughtful, entertaining and very well received by the more than 180 participants who attended the conference. Early comments have been very positive and I know our attendees thought your presentation was a highlight of the day."
    — University of California, Davis
  • Our members absolutely loved your presentation! You have a warmth, wisdom and genuineness that is clearly felt when you are both on the stage as well as off. Your message, so personalized for our group and delivered with such flair, was absolutely wonderful. You tied in the theme and message of the conference, gave our attendees concrete examples and solutions, and you raised motivation and excitement about their profession, their association and the membership drive."
    — Association of Texas Professional Educators
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh on Stairs
  • We received many, many positive comments on your presentation at the Officer’s Luncheon. I truly loved what you had to say and how you said it, but it was truly a delight from a planner’s perspective to sit back and watch the reaction of the guests. You seem to have had them mesmerized. You are a wonderful person and a joy to have met. I hope we’ll get the chance to work together again some time or at least visit."
    — The Saint Paul
  • I just wanted to take a few moments and thank you for your terrific presentation at the Women’s Round Table for the Franklin Life Insurance Company in Springfield, Illinois. Your level of enthusiasm, energy and excitement charged the room. I am getting back super comments from the attendees."
    — The Franklin Life Insurance Company
  • Many thanks for your outstanding contribution at our Annual Meeting. The key figures at any MDRT Annual Meeting are our speakers. It is they who draw the audience and hold their attention. You succeeded in doing both. We thank you for the superb effort you made in preparing your talk. You faced a demanding audience and you performed with distinction. We are grateful."
    — Million Dollar Roundtable
  • You delivered a meaningful message with energy, fun and warmth— and started our convention on the right note to energize both ourselves and our guests. The total convention was one of our best. Your wit (Ken still says he’ll never let Lorraine sit with the guest speaker again) and enthusiasm contributed to making it that. Thank you for a super job."
    — Jefferson Pilot Financial
  • It was truly a pleasure to meet you! You are a high energy person and you bring that energy to your presentations to keep the audience with you all the way. Thank you for closing our Honor Council/MART meeting in Cabo San Lucas on a high note and with some great quotes!"
    — The Principal Financial Group
  • Thank you for coming to Sacramento to present Becoming Resilient Change Masters-Personally and Professionally to the supervisors and managers of the Sacramento District Office. The feedback from the course was overwhelmingly positive. Most of the time folks are frustrated that they wasted time away from their desk and never think twice about what they may have gotten out of a course. Not this time. Even today they are still talking about being a high I or C, etc. They truly enjoyed the course and walked away with a lot of useful knowledge."
    — State Compensation Insurance Fund
  • Your results were amazing. I even had one staff member call me after the workshop to thank me for bringing you to SJHC & that she has never been so positively energized and influenced by any workshop before! You made a difference every time you engaged with us. We will bring you back to SJHC to address any number of topics because you are so knowledgeable in so many different areas and because you know how to engage people in dialogue. And we keep bringing up your points in our corporate e-mails! Eileen, your presence with our staff created energy and instilled hope for a future of possibility at SJHC. You managed some tough questions from the crowd, listened to concerns without reinforcing victimized behavior and, respectfully reminded all of us about the power of choice and personal accountability for our own happiness. While the content of your messages was highly relevant, I heard so much from learners about your presence with them. You are a role model for “positivity” without being a Pollyanna. What a wonderful day spent with such a special spirit."
    — St. Joseph Health Care, London, Ontario Canada
  • It was clear, both from the feedback from our members and the standing ovation you received at the conclusion of your remarks, that your presentation was well received and that you made a real connection with our members. In my 25 years in the association business, I have never seen a keynote speaker take as much time and effort to research an audience – including attending sessions and talking to NCPA members on-site to get to know their personalities and interests. Even your advance preparation, in reviewing background material and speeches and in our conversation about NCPA’s issues and objectives, you went well beyond the level of commitment I’ve seen with most speakers."
    — National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA)
  • The Adventure of Caring Tools for the Journey” was a great way to end what many of our attendees said was the best conference in which they had ever participated. Here were some of their comments: “Best speaker of the convention. Very motivating.” “Incredible. Best speaker I have ever heard.” “What a great way to end the conference.” I especially appreciated your attending most of the two-day conference so you could specifically tailor your closing presentation to the assisted living industry and our company."
    — ARV Assisted Living
  • This is to thank you for a wonderful session to close the 74th annual Blue Ridge Institute for Southern Community Service Executives. I knew it was going to be great, by all the advance enthusiasm others had shared after hearing you in other contexts. But you more than realized that anticipation! First of all, you have a gift for connecting with others, which comes from a place of genuine caring. It is reflected in your ability to get to know people quickly and remember who they are: not a common gift! In addition, your energy and enthusiasm make listening to you a delight! You truly believe in what you are sharing, and you make it real for your audience as well. It was a pleasure to be a recipient of your energy! But these would not be sufficient without the true heart of the message itself: you have an important message for us to hear. In this overcrowded, hectic and complex world, people are experiencing overload and imbalance in our lives. This makes us less than effective as leaders, at a time when energetic and committed leaders have never been in more demand. That is the true gift you gave us to take from the mountain: to get into balance, to take care of ourselves, and to be recharged and recommitted to tilt at our daily windmills in a world in need of our work."
    — Annual Blue Ridge Institute for Southern Community Service Executives
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • We were especially impressed that you took the time to join us for most of our event, acquainting yourself with members of our team, and with your ability to incorporate our key leadership points into the message you delivered. Your address reinforced the important part each of our leaders plays in engaging and retaining our most valuable resource; our employees."
    — Blue Shield of California
  • On behalf of the NAHQ I want to thank you for your utterly fabulous keynote presentation at our 25th Anniversary Educational Conference in Dallas on September 19th. The feedback we received on the evaluations, as well as by word-of-mouth, about your session “Engaging the Spirit in the Workplace” was remarkable. We knew the audience (of about 1,000) loved you when immediately after your presentation, about 200 people lined up to purchase your book and have you autograph it. The session was lively, thought provoking, funny and inspiring. The way you personalized it for our group was clearly evident, and very much appreciated by the members. You really did your homework!"
    — National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ)
  • On behalf of the Clinical Leadership Team, we would like to extend a sincere THANK YOU for your excellent leadership and facilitation of our 2006 Global Clinical Symposium. Your energy and fresh ideas for the planning team, your themes around collaboration and connecting the human web, and your insight and expertise in facilitating a major global event have made this symposium an outstanding success and exceeded our expectations. We expect that the many global connections that have been started as a result of this symposium will help drive innovation and creativity in clinical research. You’ve been a pleasure to work with, and I hope our paths will cross again."
    — Proctor & Gamble Pharmaceuticals
  • On behalf of North American SABRE Sales & Service, thank you for your clever and colorful contributions as a guest speaker at our recent conference. Your message of how vitally important it is to manage the balance between our personal and professional lives was inspiring and motivating. The content was right on target. It was apparent that you took time to research our business; the successes and the challenges. Your positive attitude and personality attracted everyone’s attention. That coupled with your presentation skills got the corporate message, plans and goals across while providing the participants with real life examples of how to be more effective in time management—personally and professionally."
    — SABRE Travel Information Network
  • All I can say is WOW! Your message, style, and pace for our Work/Life Balance Event were absolutely perfect! We truly needed an expert to educate and equip our large department on how to address this ongoing battle. Not only did your message make sense, but your Journey Work book gives us a tangible tool that enables us to take control of life's many choices. In the last two days I have received many positive emails and “hallway comments” related to the event. As a result we are considering another offsite for the group to complete our books, tackle some of the department issues that were identified during your session, and share success stories on how people are already implementing your material. Thanks again for all the work and preparation that went into making this event so successful. Your energy and optimism light up a room, and I truly look forward to working with you more in the future."
    — FritoLay
  • There were great awakenings and engagement with the audience. You could tell, by people’s body language that they all seemed to be eating out of your hand. Everyone seemed to identify with what you were saying, and your integration of the ‘Microsofteze’ that you incorporated in such a short time was incredible!!!"
    — Microsoft Global Partners Meeting
  • Her presentation was insightful, engaging and most importantly made a lasting difference for our global leadership team. Within the short amount of time we had for her on the agenda she was able to give our team tools to use when dealing with organizational change. The leadership team is already adopting some of her language and tool that help identify ways of thinking that either support or impede change adoption. Feedback from the program was overwhelming positive and in fact the highest rating general session of our two and a half day meeting. It is rare that a speaker makes such a lasting impression but Eileen has done just that. We plan to use her again with our larger IT organization to reinforce the messages and methodologies she shared with the leadership team."
    — Cisco Systems Worldwide
  • I’ve come to the conclusion in my six years of working with you that if a meeting planner ever wants to look great in front of their company peers and clients—all that person needs to do is hire you. You make the job so easy! Your attention to detail during preparation for both our employee kick off meeting and general session, and willingness to be exceptional made CSUGA a success this year. I am so glad to have discovered you years ago, and even more thrilled to have the opportunity to bring your life changing message, talents and motivation into other lives. Simply put, you are phenomenal!"
    — Computer Sciences Corporation
  • You are a natural with people and surely practice what you preach! Eileen, your caring and genuine interest in listening to the experiences everyone shared during your time with us in Atlanta, brought you closer to the Subway culture. Your dynamic general session followed by an eager group in your breakout earned you rave reviews in the surveys that followed. It was apparent that you spent the time to learn so much about our franchisees and how our system operates."
    — Subway
  • On behalf of Ajilon, I would like to thank you for your participation in our Orlando Manager’s meeting. Your subject matter and presentation style were exactly what we were looking for! Having gone through a particularly difficult time, our managers needed a “lift”, encouragement and guidance to prepare for the New Year. Your presentation was right on target—the perfect combination of humor and constructive comments."
    — Ajilon
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh with Audience Member
  • Before too much time gets behind us, I wanted to pass on my appreciation for the outstanding job you did at our Annual Conference. Your enthusiasm and energy is contagious and your presentation left our leadership team with plenty to think about during the remaining days of the conference. Thanks for making yourself available on such short notice. It’s great when so many people want to take credit for selecting the speaker—You were a smashing success!"
    — American Airlines Cargo
  • Your presentations at the 28th Annual Arkansas Governor’s Conference on Tourism were hits, and we want you to know how much we appreciate the time and effort you devoted to giving us such memorable presentations. We have heard nothing but favorable comments from the delegates and anticipate that your sessions will be highly rated when the conference evaluation forms are compiled. Thank you for going all out to make the opening general session, “Connecting the Human Web,” a high note that will be remembered by all who attended."
    — Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism
  • We simply could not have chosen a better person to help facilitate the event. Your humorous, dynamic and thought-provoking presentation drew rave reviews from all attendees (and I can tell you, we were a pretty tough group to please!). Our only regret was in letting you return to California. Wish you lived nearer so we could draw on your wisdom and energy on a regular basis."
    — Manpower Temporaries
  • Thank you so very much for being such an integral part in making our Stein Mart Manager’s Meeting a great success. Congratulations on a superb presentation for our Keynote Address. You inspired, educated and entertained our audience of over 300 people. I especially appreciated the time and effort you spent prior to the meeting getting to know our organization and then customizing your remarks to meet the specific needs of the audience. Your energy, positive outlook and enthusiasm for life made a lasting impression on all of us. Having your presentation early in the meeting energized the participants for the sessions that followed. Eileen, you were terrific as our Keynote speaker. This year’s annual meeting was widely considered by our General Managers to be one of the best we’ve ever had and you made an important contribution to that success."
    — SteinMart
  • I want to take the time to thank you for all the time you spent in helping develop and deliver an excellent presentation. I was impressed with the fact that you took the time to understand our company and our people well in advance of the meeting we conducted in Orlando. Your message and the style with which it was delivered were exactly what our sales people and our distributors have asked for."
    — Sto Finish Systems Division
  • The reviews are just in from the Los Angeles County DPSS Managers’ Conference and as you must already know, you provided a stimulating and thoughtful message to our Managers. Your humor and passionate delivery engaged over 500 of our managers to take a fresh look at themselves and their jobs. We appreciate your helping to make our event a great success… actually the best ever is what many noted on their evaluations! Your ability to take facts and information about our agency and incorporate it into your presentation brought a very personal touch to the program."
    — County of Los Angeles, Department of Public Social Services
  • Thank you, once again, for the excellent presentation that you gave to the Michigan Department of Transportation Leaders at the Leadership Conference. The verbal comments we received were all very positive and enthusiastic and the conference has been rated as the best ever. Your energetic presentation first thing in the morning, was the perfect way to energize the conference and to get the participants thinking about how to become a better leader. You also did an excellent job weaving Director Rosine’s position comments into your custom designed presentation."
    — State of Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Thank you for speaking at the Office of Inspector General Third Annual Recognition Conference. Your presentation was entertaining and informative, and my staff enjoyed it tremendously. You gave us many helpful insights and tips on how to improve the balance between our home and work lives. It is always a pleasure to witness such a dynamic, energetic presentation. I am appreciative that you took time from your busy schedule to share your knowledge and ideas with us. Thank you again for enlightening and engaging our audience with your creative presentation."
    — United States Postal Service
  • As our keynote closer you provided the “big extra” that everyone took home. Your two seminars and your early arrival set the stage so that you were indeed part of the family and the attendees could feel that. Your ratings clearly reflected that your message was received and appreciated. We are thrilled with the results of training almost 1,300 attendees. Your three appearances reached almost half of these and they not only took you in as part of their family but gave you the highest rating of all the speakers.

    Department of the Army

    I heard very positive feedback about your presentation, “Leading From The Inside Out.” Obviously, you had read the material I sent and knew a lot about or organizational issues. Your presentation was right on target and really helped us leave Monday with an upbeat feeling. I liked your energy."

    — Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Thank you for being such a special part of our Coldwell Banker International Business Conference. For two years in a row, your energetic presentations were in the select group of top rated seminars at our conference. Your presentations excited some... motivated others… and, perhaps best of all, served as a “wake-up” call to the majority in attendance. More importantly, you gave the group choices on how they could find and maintain positive balance in their lives."
    — Coldwell Banker
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh
  • Thank you so much for your inspiration and enthusiasm at our President’s Circle Award Breakfast and our department meeting. You were outstanding! As I said, we have a tough audience. It is a great credit to you that they were attentive and interested the whole time. I think having some real estate background and knowledge was such an advantage. They loved how you had a thread of real estate weaved throughout your program. It gave you instant credibility."
    — Edina Realty Home Services
  • I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the amazing closing keynote that you delivered with Radical Resiliency. I have to say, it not only exceeded my expectations, you touched me with the story about your mother and the legacy of leadership that she left — you must be so proud of her! The feedback on your keynote that has been coming in has been amazing! Being the closer is always a tough position to be in because that’s what everyone remembers. I asked you to do several things for me in this keynote – pull all the key messages together from the week, help inspire our women leaders to “pay it forward”, end the conference on a high note and get a standing ovation — and you did all of them!!!Your session was the highlight for many of our women leaders; thank you for helping us to create a memorable experience. Your session was fantastic, I can’t thank you enough for having the impact that you did on our conference."
    — Oracle
  • Thank you again for your assistance in making our Human Resources Conference such a great success. Upon the completion of the conference we issued a survey to garner feedback on the content of the agenda and the conference overall. I am happy to tell you that 81% of the survey respondents stated that your talk on Change Management exceeded their expectations and 78% said that the breakout session—Work for a Living, But Still Be Free to Live exceeded their expectations as well. Thanks again for your role in the conference."
    — Cingular
  • Eileen spoke to our Strategic Marketing VP Organization on “Resilient Leadership for the Millennium,” Eileen was: energetic, clear, real, humorous, focused and motivating. Eileen did fact finding regarding the issues facing our team and customized her presentation to fit us like a tailored suit."
    — Pacific Bell
  • Your dynamic, thought-provoking presentation really prompted us to reassess our thinking, and more importantly, our acting. Not only did you touch on our problems head-on, you also gave us down-to-earth, important ways to make our lives better, less stressful, and self-directed. The participant evaluations for your presentation were outstanding. Everyone loved you and rightly so; you gave us a sense of direction!"
    — Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
  • Your ability to be a dynamic speaker was evident from start to finish. The entrance with music and clapping set a positive mood for the event. The humorous and emotional illustrations you drew for us created a harmonic atmosphere. The consensus of our attendees at the close of your program can be summed up in three words: energized, optimistic, and challenged."
    — Port St. Lucie Business Women
  • Eileen is “knock your socks off amazing.” Eileen is located in Orange County and spoke at our dinner meeting. NAWBO-OC is tough audience…. A really tough audience.She wowed the entire group. The buzz after included “she is the best speaker we have ever had” . Her delivery is superb. Her content is rich, funny and powerful. She is genuine, authentic and compelling. During her presentation the group was riveted and after was full of energy."
    — National Association of Women Business Owners
  • You appearance at our 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference was a wonderful way to kick off the day. Your energy and enthusiasm was catching. Your personal message about life and living is a subject women respond to so positively. Your sincerity is communicated to the audience and we know from the evaluations that they were moved."
    — Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN) Women’s Leadership Conference
  • It was such a pleasure working with you on our Women’s Business Conference last Fall. Thank you for being such a professional, organized speaker. Your initiative made my responsibilities for conference planning that much easier! Your contribution as our work/life balance seminar speaker was so valuable to our attendees, especially as evidenced by the filled-to-capacity room. Thanks for sharing your stories, your expertise, and your wonderful self."
    — Greater Dallas Chamber Women’s Business Conference
  • What a difference it made to have you moderate the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF) Mentoring Panel discussion at the recent National Restaurant Show! The feedback we’ve received has been outstanding and your facilitation of the session was a major key to its success. Here are the reasons why: you took time to really understand the WFF and what we wanted to achieve in this panel discussion. You did your homework! You came up with a super idea of actually marketing the panel to our members AND not only wrote the marketing copy, but created an e-mail letter that sought areas of concern from all our members. You condensed the response and developed themes. You organized the responses and developed the themes. You organized our panelists in advance, giving them clear directions and questions. That’s not an easy task when we had such “heavy hitters” in the industry sitting on the panel. You made it fun for everyone and engaged the participants. You brought your own wisdom to the table and wove threads around what the different panelists said. You helped us look like heroes to our members. Besides all of the great work and assistance you provided, you were a complete pleasure to work with. Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I couldn’t have done it without your help."
    — Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF)
  • Motivational Speaker Eileen McDargh Faces
  • You’re AWESOME!! Thank you very much for your many contributions to our Northeast Women’s Network Meeting. We have received outstanding feedback from the attendees, many saying that it was the best network meeting they have attended in their career. Having been involved in diversity and training work for many years, I am always somewhat skeptical when we use outside consultants for our meetings. Quite often they struggle to connect with the P&G culture and issues in their message. You invested the time upfront to understand our organization, both our strengths and opportunity areas. You challenged us both personally and professionally to think about different ways to approach our business processes and challenges. We will be a better organization as a result of your perspective and inspiration. Your energy and charisma are contagious!!"
    — Proctor & Gamble
  • I’ve had the privilege of working with Eileen on the board of directors for the National Speakers Association for several years. Eileen is passionate and straight-forward in all her dealings with fellow board members, an extreme influencer and encourager. I’ve seen her face 20 negative opinions to her one and turn around an entire room. Eileen is one of the most persuasive, visionary leaders I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in all my years on the board. Eileen’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and you find yourself wanting to be involved in any project she touches. I highly recommend her as a motivational speaker or team member or project leader. Count yourself lucky if you have Eileen in your corner!"
    — Laura Stack, Author of The Exhaustion Cure and Leave the Office Earlier
  • Eileen McDargh is a partner that an organization or group should utilize beyond her dynamic and effective keynote speeches-she can be a partner to help in people development and foster organizational effectiveness and growth."
    — Adrienne Jakson, Director Field Force Integration, NPC
  • No matter where you are on your life journey, you’ll walk out of this workshop with a better understanding of who you are and what is important to you. Eunice and Eileen created a warm and inspiring environment in a retreat-like, group setting where participants felt safe and comfortable to share their true feelings and vulnerabilities. They challenged and encouraged everyone to dig deeper for truth and understanding. It was truly an inspiring and transformational experience and a process that I will integrate into my daily life as I move forward on my life’s journey."
    — Lily Guthrie
  • Your woman’s retreat was full of important revelations for me and I highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you think you have clarity and know what to do, some surprising insights emerge. The first exercise helped me pinpoint a key idea that before the workshop, didn’t have words. The “I am” journaling exercise made those words clear and provided a newfound resolve to “stay on the path.” I especially valued the interaction of the women, hearing their stories, and being able to listen to our common issues. I was left wanting more time. I hope you will schedule these regularly so we can continue to support each other as we live out the path we’ve created. You’ve started something wonderful and I was delighted to be part of it."
    — Lorna Riley, President of Chart Learning Systems
  • It was a great year for TPA. Your presence at our annual meeting was certainly part of that. Great job! Hope our paths cross again in the future."
    — Texas Pharmacy Association
  • Thanks for everything you did to make the symposium a success! Your energy and creative touches were terrific pluses! You gave us guidance for new ways to make the symposium interactive, helped us develop a theme, and then the general sessions as well as set the stage for new learnings. Your use of the examples from the mountains was very powerful, too."
    — Mylissa Trowbridge, MS, RD, LD, The Procter & Gamble Company
  • Over two dozen individuals have come to me with incredible praise for your session. In all honesty, I’ve never had the pleasure of attending a seminar more useful and meaningful than yours."
    — Kelley-Clarke, Inc.
  • Eileen was a joy to work with. The energy and passion she brings to her presentation is inspirational. We loved the time and effort she devoted prior to our event to ensure our needs were met. She is truly a gift from the universe!"
    — Line Marie Perron, Community Development and Mobilization Manager, Early Childhood Development Mapping Project